The Working Director is a network of both aspiring and professional who have chosen to come together to share their knowledge and experience with one another.   And, for a limited time, our “Indie” level membership is 100% FREE!  Just click the coupon below to sign up, no strings attached.

The goal here is to give aspiring directors information, advice, and even constructive criticism directly from people who work professionally as directors.  More importantly, we are an online based organization, so it doesn’t matter if you live in the middle of Hollywood or the middle of Indonesia, you’ll still have first hand access to industry professionals from across the globe.   Here are the services we offer to help you break into this incredible industry.


Directing Program

We offer a comprehensive directing course, focusing on what you need to know to become a Working Director. Our next course begins Spring 2017 and will include the following:

  • The Science of Directing
  • Creating your Directing reel
  • Finding a Agent/Manager
  • Getting the Meeting
  • VFX for Directors
  • Festivals and other marketing options
  • And much, much more…

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Professional Reviews

For those of you that would like direct feedback from our working directors, we will soon be offering online reviews. Simply send us a link to your film and you will receive a personalized review both written and via webcam from one of mentors.

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VIP Consultation

As a special service to our members, we also offer high level consulting.    For less than the price of hair and makeup, we can give you practical advice and guidance to make your film the best that it can be.

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The Blog

Our most popular and completely free service is our blog. We strive to keep you constantly updated with the latest info, tips, and inside information on how to make the transition from aspiring to working director.


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