‘Indie’ Level Membership:

For a limited time, our ‘Indie’ level membership is completely and totally FREE!  Fill out your information and start learning today!   Here is a sample of the benefits that members receive:
  • Access to Mentor Videos
  • User Forums and Knowledge Base
  • A Personal Member Dashboard
  • Limited Time Only:  Two Bonus Videos on  the pros and cons of Shorts vs. Features

‘Indie Plus’ Level Membership:

For those of you that want more advice and personal training, we have created the ‘Indie Plus’ membership level.    For a few dollars a month, you get all the benefits of the ‘Indie’ membership, but with several extra features:
  • All ‘Indie’ Level Benefits, plus. . .
  • A Monthly  Coaching Call  to answer any Directorial Questions
  • Tutorials on Filmmaking Tools and Software
  • Exclusive Mentor Videos

‘Studio’ Level Membership:

The Studio Level Membership is full directorial education and includes the new Working Director Studio Course.   This  self paced training course, will add critical content to your director’s reel and give you the practical skills you need to bring your career to the next level.
  • All ‘Indie Plus’ level Benefits, plus. . .
  • Script Feedback and Strategy Session
  • Editorial Feedback and Strategy Session
  • Visual Effects Consultation and Strategy Session