On the set of an HBO Short Film.

The Working Director is a company focused on giving aspiring directors the knowledge and guidance necessary to work professionally in the film industry.   Specifically, we feel that the best way to learn how to direct is from other ‘working directors’.    So, become a part of the ‘working director’ network to hear the latest directorial tips, tricks, advice, and war stories,  all straight from the source.

Although we are focused on the craft of directing, we also know how important it is for today’s directors to understand new technologies.   In a world filled with acronyms such as VFX, DSLR, HD, and 24p, we strive to educate you on how you can use the new technology to your advantage.   So, in addition to helping you with topics like breaking down scenes, staging, working with actors, and completing your films, we also keep you up to date on the latest technology necessary to compete with the big boys.